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| Carmello Vargas | Appears 21 | 5'10 | Olive Skin | Wavy Brown Hair | Deep Brown Eyes | Cheerful | Bubbly | Short Fuse | Bisexual | Single |


((just because I love this meme))
Send me an "Excuse me" and I'll send you my characters reaction to being interuppted while...

1. In a bubble bath
2. In the shower
3. In the middle of a test
4. Rehersing a confession in the mirror
5. Changing, and getting their button stuck in their hair
6. Falling asleep
7. Confessing their vows at a wedding
8. Playing DDR
9. Singing at a karaoke bar
10. Giving a lecture
11. Playing a video game
12. In a bubble bath
13. Re-enacting a scene from a movie
14. Crying
15. Ranting about something
16. Drowning their mood in coffee/alcohol
17. Posing in an embarressing/revealing outfit
18.  At work
19. Getting dressed in the opposite genders clothing
20. Hitting on someone
21. Fixing their hair
22. Acting like a child
23.  In an arguement
24. Planning a surprise for interrupting muse
25. Watching a movie
26. Getting ready for an operation
27. Driving
28. Rescueing a kitten from a well
29. Walking a bunch of dogs
30. Riding a bicycle
31. Performing computer maintenence
32. Taking interesting photos
33. Cooking
34. Stripping
35. Balancing on ice/something slippery
36. Cleaning for something important
37. Lighting a cigarette
38. Watering a garden
39. Taking a walk
40. Sitting in their living room
41. Telling a joke, just about to say the punchline
42. Celebrating a victory of a fictional character
43. Practicing their make-out techniques with a teddy bear
44. On vacation
45. Trying to hide from other people
46. Being chased by someone
47. Babysitting
48. Painting their nails
49. Getting a massage
50. Trying to be the best Pokémon trainer, like no one ever was
51. Writing a big paper, and hasn't saved yet
52. Watching videos on YouTube
53. Getting into an 'old show' and enjoying it
54. In line for a ride at an amusement park
55. On the run for the restroom
56. Getting a tattoo
57. Getting a piercing somewhere sensitive
58. At a library
59. Balancing on their tip toes trying to reach something on a high shelf
60. Getting emotional over something strange
61. Sleep walking
62. While planning a breakout of some form of high-security place
63. While baking something sound sensitive
64. Picking out a new pet
65. Learning something new
66. Pretending like they're in the middle of something
67. Texting someone
68. Playing a sport/ watching a sport
69. Making something they'd never be caught dead with
70. Doing something they'd rather die then let anyone find out about
71. Getting an award
72. Ordering at a resturant
73. Making out
Send "~" for my muses opinion of yours by giving them a dessert-

Chocolate Truffles: Love
Chocolate-dipped Strawberries: Lust
Red Velvet Cake: Secret Admirer
Cupcake: Friendship
Cherry Pie: Adoration
Custard: Loyalty
Fudge: Gratitude
Sugar Cookies: Shyness
Angel Food Cake: Innocence
Flan: Curiousity
Lemon Tart: Inspiration
Licorice: Indifference
Fruitcake: Hate
Rice Pudding: Distrust
Mint Candies: Jealousy
Saltwater Taffy: Regret
Send in * for my muses reaction to yours slapping mine on the ass.

Send in ♔ for my muses reaction to pushing mine up against the wall.

Send in ※ for my muses reaction to yours pulling mine up over their shoulder.

Send in ✔ for my muses reaction to yours blindfolding mine.

Send in $ for my muses reaction to yours groping mine.

Send in ☏ for my muses reaction to getting sexted by yours.

Send in ✘for my muses reaction to a booty call.
Send my muse one of the following texts to see how they react.

•[text] I need you so bad right now
•[text] They know
•[text] I know everything
•[text] make sure you're alone- I don't want anyone else seeing what I'm about to send you
•[text]  I accidently sent it to the wrong person, help?!
•[text] we need to talk
•[text] I don't want to talk about it
•[text] The bed is definatly broken beyond repair
•[text] delete my number
•[text] Either way I'm going to make you scream my name by the end of the night
•[text] come over in 5 minutes, or not at all
•[text] Stop ignoring me and pick up your phone.
•[text] I th unk drink? Help me can home?!!!! : xx)
•[text] You free tomorrow?
•[text] You left your shirt and I've been wearing it all day, so now its mine.
•[text] I don't think you understand just how big his dick is!!!
•[text] Thanks to you, the new neighbors now know my name xxx
•[text] If I said I was wearing nothing but an apron and armed with strawberries and whipped cream, how quickly would you come into the kitchen?
•[text] What's the dress code?
•[text] Black, red w/ lace, or sheer white????
•[text] I know you said not to clean your room, but it was filthy- also for future refrence hide that in your sock draw and not under your pillow next time.
•[text] I hear a celebration is in order?!
1. Love: Muse will be in love with yours
2. Cough: Muse will be ill and find solace in your home
3. Remember: Muse will suffer memory loss
4. Gas: Muse will have hallucinogenic imaginary sights
5. Beer/Drunk: My muse will talk/act like a drunk and hit on yours
6. Exorcism: A demon will possess my muse and go after yours
7. Tired: My muse will have narcolepsy
8. Phobia: My muse is terribly afraid of nature
9. Lurk: Muse will follow yours
10. Answer: Muse will have to answer anything that is asked of him/her truthfully
11. Silence: Muse cannot speak but can make strained noises
12. Noise: Muse will say everything they think
13. Boxers: Muse will run around in underwear. Any clothes that are tried to put on turn invisible or 'reject' the action
14. Sick: Muse will be sick with an unique flu. Symptoms are: hallucinations, coughing, sneezing, fever, loss of balance, loss of appetite, seizer, sore throat, pumped-up hormones, easy bruising/bleeding
15. Project: Muse will become obsessed with completing a biosphere
16. Command: Muse has to take commands by yours.
17. Obsession: Muse will be obsessed with everything being ordered by size.
18. Reverse: Muse's personality will be extreamly opposite.
19. Character: Muse thinks they are a celebrity fashion designer.
20. Switch: Muse has to switch gender.
21. Power: Muse gains control of coldness, heat, water (you pick)
22. Confess: Muse has to confess something they think of or feel towards anyone they speak to each time they speak to them..
23. Slave: Muse becomes a maid or butler.
24. Gone: Muse loses innocence
25. Kiss: Muse wants to kiss everyone
26. Egg: Muse finds a large egg and does not know what to do with it so they bring it to yours.
27. Kluzt: muse becomes extreamly klutzy.
28. Stalk: Muse thinks they're being stalked and comes to yours for protection/help.
29. Nightmare: Muse is plagued with horrific images and scenes both in sleeping and in waking . Not like hallucinations. Sees bursts of horror.
30. Paranoia: Muse becomes extreamly paranoid of bugs.
31. Infatuation: Muse becomes madly in love with yours.
32. Baby: Muse finds a baby at their doorstep and has to take care of it, so asks yours for help/ to be the other parent.
33. NSFW: muse is naked and any clothes they try to put on or objects to cover up turn invisible.
34. Name: muse gets an orgasm/ extream pleasure every time they hear their name or any manner of nickname


SicilyBlog's Profile Picture
Carmello Vargas
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
You are Sicily, an island off the coast of Italy sometimes called the Island of the Sun. After Tuscan, your dialect of Sicilian is the most spoken in Italy and is so different from italian it deserves to be its own language. Your people are warm, friendly, and loud, although you're now the poorest place in Italy and have the highest unemployment percentage in Italy (20%), you were once richer then Northern Italy and still are culture wise. Your food is the most exotic and is spicy too, plus you are known for eating lots of seafood. Your flag is yellow and red, it has the head of the gorgon Medusa on it with three legs behind it.

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